We Feel Fine

I found We Feel Fine after stumbling upon Jonathan Harris’s video on TedTalks. I love this site. Well, actually both sites. I couldn’t think of anything more fitting for my first blog post than to write about this project. Harris, with Sepandar Kamvar, have created a system that collects the feelings of bloggers around the world and pulls them into their database and separates them by age, locations, feeling, weather conditions, etc. There are several ways to view the collection, browse the feelings or choose specific variables. 

I always find We Feel Fine inspiring. It feels good to know there really are caring and kind people in the world, especially while living in Philly. November 5th may have been the best day to have visited the site. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of patriotism displayed by Americans. For once America felt like it did the right thing at the right time. People felt like their ideas, feelings, thoughts mattered.

We Feel Fine simply gives me hope.


We Feel Fine

We Feel Fine


One thought on “We Feel Fine

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