Unnecessary Waste

"December 2005" A. Lawrence

I was reading this article about Texas based artist Annette Lawrence‘s recent show at Flatbed Press in Austin. Lawrence collected all her junk mail for a year and neatly displays it for all to see. It’s disturbing to say the least about the amount of paper wasted on just one person.

I keep thinking about how much more paper is wasted on each American household per year. I’m even more afraid how many more people don’t recycle. Tons and tons of unnecessary waste piling up in already overcrowded landfills. Landfills were meant to decompose waste put into them and instead end up preserving what is no longer desired.

Lawrence’s art brought to mind Ari Derfel, the man who collected, stored and organized his trash for a year. His blog, though not updated for a year, answers questions about his experiment and offers tips on using less. I like that both of them are attracting publicity to these problems of over consumption.

If you want off junk mailing lists you can sign a petition here.

Ari Derfel with his trash

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