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Sparse First Aid Kit

It’s no secret the first aid kit in our shop is less than useful. The department’s idea of a band-aid is duct taping a paper towel wrapped around the wound. Scary as it may be that we are so unprepared, none of us seem to care. I guess we like to live life on the edge or think we’re invincible.

The shop across the hall from ours is fully stocked and I’m sure more than willing to let us occasionally use some of their first aid supplies, but we refuse to go over there even in emergency situations. Why? I think we just like the drama and love to complain. If the kit were stocked and we hurt ourselves, what do we have to complain about? Ourselves not being as safe as we can in the shop?

Jesse hurt himself last night while attempting to make a lamp for posting on Instructables. He kept himself cool and calm while injured and took the necessary steps to save his thumb without having to sit in the emergency room. Although I can’t speak on behalf of the entire department I have noticed that knowing we have a bare first aid kit, when injured students stay calm. Immediately they put down what they were doing, find some paper towels and some tape and do what they need to do. I’ve yet to see someone go into shock or freak out, not that major injuries are all that common. There may not even be a correlation between calmness during injury and the first aid kit. I just find the thought interesting. If  I had the resources I would be conducting huge experiments trying to find out if there is anything there.

In the mean time, Jesse wrote an awesome Instructables on How to dress a shop wound. It’s a bit satirical and good to know. Take a look.

Jesse and his properly dressed shop wound.

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