Tour de Vélo

Our class was told to film ourselves and our lives for a “day in the life” or “how to be me” sort of small video. Twenty-four hours to edit down into a 1 minute video was too lofty for me. I had a hard enough time editing my daily commute to 2 minutes without understating it’s importance to my routine. I could easily have shown how monotonous my days are while in school. Seven days a week I wake up, go to the studio, find all my meals in a 4 block radius. Sometime between 10p – 2a I ride home, do more homework, sleep, repeat. Rarely do I engage with anyone outside the studio.

When I did try to edit all the film I realized how important the role of my commute is, which is why I chose to feature it specifically. I spend at the very least an hour on my bike a day and see some of the most amazing and fascinating things I would have otherwise missed. Occasionally I mix it up, but often I ride the same streets everyday and see something I never noticed before.

I chose Yann Tiersen’s “La Redecouverte” from the Amélie soundtrack. I felt it helped me keep the video short and added an element of wit. You can decide for yourself.

Thanks Eric and Bethany for letting me borrow your sports camera!

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One thought on “Tour de Vélo

  1. bcasperite says:

    You are very welcome! The video turned out great. You have quite a treacherous journey to school each day.

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