Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House

MASH (Mansion, Apartment, Shelter/Shack, House) is the favorite life predicting game of chance of many little girls of my generation. I have no clue when it started or how it got so popular. 

If you don’t remember, there are several categories; home, car, husband/boyfriend, kids, pets, etc.. Each category includes one perfect scenario, (mansion), two average/mediocre (house and apartment) and a worst case scenario (shelter/shack). Here are the directions on game play for those who forget. We chose a random number because we didn’t remember how to do the spiral.

Ironically, I’ve been seeing it everywhere all of a sudden. Earlier this month Apartment Therapy NY had a post and I’ve been reading Sloane Crosley’s I Was Told There’d Be Cake (I love it, highly recommend it!) where MASH makes a cameo appearance in “You On A Stick.” The nostalgic memories of my cousin and I sitting on our grandparent’s porch in the summer playing MASH have been sitting heavily on my mind.

So when Bethany, Elissa and I were driving to Boston for the IDSA NED conference last Friday and Elissa out of the blue suggests we play MASH. There was no turning back. We MUST play. Oh the fun we had! It was really the perfect beginning to a spectacular weekend. I know I walked away with a warm fuzzy feeling of fufilment, although it could have been because we were listening and singing to the Spice Girls for a good two hours.

The evidence is down below. I took the liberty to cross out any incriminating names. 



2 thoughts on “Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House

  1. […] photo was taken in front of the Ben Franklyn Bridge trying to cross back over to Philly during our Boston trip. We luckily stopped to get gas before crossing over the border and were able to see the storm […]

  2. Albert Tam says:

    Hey Kiki,

    I would like to spread the MASH joy by giving you a promo code to download “MASH Touch” for the iPhone/iPod Touch on iTunes for free.

    Here is the code, if it doesn’t work email me and I’ll send you another.


    I hope you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, if not then give it to a friend that does. Be sure to use it soon, before it expires.

    Albert Tam

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