Strip Tease Teddy Bear

strip tease teddy bearI found this image seconds ago google imaging bears (this is the site the image came from). If you know me, you know bears are my favorite animal, which is the perfect segue into what I really want to say.

I’ve been thinking about my name a lot recently. It’s actually Kristen. Kiki emerged as a nickname my junior year of high school from my friend Rob. He was the only one to call me Kiki, but I liked it. I was embarrassingly weird in high school but my name was all too common. My entire life I was mostly invisible. No one ever remembered who I was especially never my name. I was always so-and-so’s friend.

When I moved to Philly I started going by Kiki full time. No one remembers Kristen, everyone remembers Kiki. It’s been excellent to finally be seen and have my voice Kiki Brown Bearheard. Somewhere along the way I added the Bear to my last name. As a joke I had my photo ID on the sites I belonged to as a Brown Bear. Then a friend of mine on vacation sent me a postcard addressed to Kiki Brown Bear and suddenly a choir of angels descended and sang Hallelujah.

I’m just a junior in college and here I am considering my professional name. When I began going by Kiki I figured it was just for now, when I grow up I’d go by Kristen again. The longer I’m Kiki the more I realize there is no turning back. If I ever want to be taken seriously I need my crazy pseudonym. If I ever want to be google-able, to be found, to be seen I need to be Kiki BrownBear. Today I was in a meeting, we’re trying to start a roof top garden on the Gershman Y, and I introduced myself as Kiki. I guarantee they won’t forget who I am or my mission and were all the more interested in helping me.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, it’s crazy I need to market myself this early in my life. Maybe I’ll have a leg up on my competition post grad. Maybe I have the perfect logo for a company I’ve yet to start.

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One thought on “Strip Tease Teddy Bear

  1. tom says:

    “embarrassingly weird” sounds like something that needs pictures …

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