We Feel Fine (part 2)

Back in January I wrote a quick introduction to the We Feel Fine project started by Jonathan Harris and Sepandar Kamvar. Both have been part of various interesting projects, check them out.

Today I received an email asking permission to use one of my flickr photos in a book the two are publishing in relation to the We Feel Fine project. The authors personally picked the image. Stay tuned and be on the look out for the book when it’s published. My photo is possibly going to be the header for the chapter on “rainy.”

This photo was taken in front of the Ben Franklyn Bridge trying to cross back over to Philly during our Boston trip. We luckily stopped to get gas before crossing over the border and were able to see the storm unfold. We actually saw the cold front and the warm front smashing into each other.  The sun was behind the clouds but was diffused into a very bright orange. Without warning the sky opened up and dropped onto Philly, inclining us to pull over because there was no visibility. It began to lightning and hail. Then as suddenly as it began, it stopped. The sun was out again and the weather was beautiful.  Weird.

At least we were in a car. My roommate was riding his bike at the time!

Photos from the storm:

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