Gardening in the city?

This semester is over and I finally found a free second to post on my group’s FarmPhilly project. Stay with me, I’m about to drop an entire semester into a quick post.

The promt for this semesters work was urban farming/urban gardening. We broke up into six teams to tackle the topic from all angles. My group focused on growing vertically. In today’s economy the necessity and popularity of growing your own Victory Garden has become increasingly important. We were designing for everyday urbanites who want to grow but are limited in space. We developed two finished products by the end of the semester.

The first project we conceptualized is a cinderblock cast with a growing surface into it. There is still more development that can be done with it and we’re looking forward to continuing this idea. It was our favorite concept and the one which saw the most positive feedback during critiques. We made a 1:2 scale model for this concept.

cinderblock - early sketch

Cinderblock Model EmptyCinderblock Full

The second project was a system of modular troughs that could be mounted to the side of an existing wall or cast into the mortar or prefab slab depending on the construction method while building. The trough originally would be infinitely extendable as long as the user had the two end caps. However, we decided to go with separate, self contained boxes in the event someone wanted to be able to move their plants around after they were mounted, there wouldn’t be a mess of dirt and tangled roots. The angles of the box allow for sunlight to better get to the plants under the box or sit nicely on surfaces. The final product would ideally be rotomolded and the bracket would be die cut steel.

For more info on our progression and how we arrived at our final products AND to see the other groups, checkout

Mounting the Bracket Brackets Planting Context Planter

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2 thoughts on “Gardening in the city?

  1. Mike says:

    Good stuff. I lived in Philly for 10 years and moved back to NY about a year and a half ago. Happy to see others are getting involved in the urban gardening.

    What were the costs associated with building everything?

    • Kiki Brown says:

      Thanks for you interest Mike. As of right now we don’t have any cost information. We’ve been talking about getting a hold of manufactures and finding out prices and possibly prototyping. But the semester ended, stalling everything. Thats as far as we’ve gotten so far unfortunately.

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