bahdeebahdu ext.

In other news in my life, I’m interning for bahdeebahdu now. Yesterday was my first day! I’m so excited to be working with them. They’re the nicest, friendliest, artsiest company and have been so welcoming.

Right now I’m helping them get all caught up and organized. Later on Kevin and I are going to learn how to weld so I can help them with a room divider they’re working on as well as designing a bike rack for their guests. Right now there are two sign posts that people can lock up to and thats it. So stay tuned for sketches and photographs.

Last night was second Thursday. bahdeebahdu and the artist studio MONA next door (they’re basically sisters) were both open to the public. It turned into a very awesome party. Free beer and wine, beautiful art, a trapeze artist and a BBQ. I wish I brought my camera. It was truly an amazing time.

Definitely check out their website and see Warren’s light sculptures. I’ll try and snap pics the rest of the summer. If anyone was there last night and managed to photograph the whole shebang, please send me those photos?

DesignPhilly Opening

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