Magic Isaiah Zagar

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If you’ve ever been in Philly you have undoubtedly seen the work of Isiah Zagar (pictured above). His murals are featured all over the city, especially on South Street where his main studio, museum and wife’s gallery are. His work is made of trash picked items, items he’s given and paints over and tiles he makes himself. One of his son’s made a movie about him recently which had been traveling around the country, shown on HBO last night and will be available on DVD next month.

Anyway, Isaiah is a close friend of Warren Muller, the light sculptor/co-owner of bahdeebahdu. Warren liked the work I did on the silverware screens (which have finally been installed) and introduced me to Isaiah. Now I’m his “little helper.” When I have free days I help him with his studio needs; clean, cut tile/mirrors, mix cement, etc. We’ve been having some fun. He’s a very interesting guy with a lot of interesting things on his mind. I snapped these photos the other day while I was making some tiles.

Making Tiles 1Making Tiles 2Making Tiles 3Making Tiles 4Making Tiles 5Glazed and Fired "finished" Tile

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