“Goodnight Moon”

  1. 1. a small lidded jar full of little razor blades
  2. a model of a unit I never realized full scale
  3. a silver danish duck, carved wood, head turned about, peering behind himself
  4. leaves of a spider plant sprawled about
  5. abstract, almost like feathers, red, yellow, orange leather earrings made by a friend
  6. an ever growing heap of high heels by the front door
  7. wet red dishes drying by the sink
  8. over flowing heap of dark clothes by the dresser, needing to be laundered
  9. the slight greening of the inside of my turtles tank
  10. a lone twig amidst the sand at the bottom of the tank
  11. the cinnamon overpowering the chocolate of my winter drink
  12. abstract golden bird bookends, exaggerated long necks
  13. a brown wax owl, aging into white
  14. a crumbled bridesmaid dress of a wedding I wasn’t invited to and didn’t attend, on the floor
  15. the dress made of woven golden ribbons and golden Christmas ornaments
  16. a turquoise and pink corset draped across the floor, forgotten with the relief of freedom and breath
  17. yellowed ginger root at the bottom of a white ceramic mug
  18. Average, off white, plastic fork with longer than usual tines
  19. little squares of paper filled with tiny handwriting
  20. a travel mug, green paint peeling, showing age and use
  21. red leather wallet, thick and heavy, over filled
  22. black headphone wires, twisted and knotted
  23. faceted small diamonds, refracting light into my eyes
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