Gif’s are somewhat of a novelty for me, maybe to everyone. I’m specifically thinking of tumblr accounts like #whatshouldwecallme. They’re typically funny and a bit like a commentary. Besides putting together a series of stills from a video, I’ve seen really cool animations and illustrations brought to life. But, this is a first for me:

I saw this image, and a selected few more on designboom. Here’s what they had to say:

new york-based photographers jamie beck and kevin burg have created GIFs as part of their self-termed art form coined ‘cinemagraphs’. the work, often surrounding the world of fashion, is characterized by cinematic images informed by animated GIFs with elegant, subtle movement. the work presented may be an earring swaying or a lock of hair in the breeze all depicting moments suspended in time, a fragment of a memory put on hold.

I don’t know if it’s a new “thing” or not, but I just love it. Maybe this sort of photography will take off, maybe not.¬† There is a good chance these images will receive a lot of criticism in the photography community. Isn’t the point of photography to create a sense of energy and movement in a still image? I don’t really know. Then again, it’s not really photography, it’s cinemagraph.

There is just something really elegant to their collection; I just love the simplicity and subtlety of the movement in the images. I don’t feel as if everyone one of the cinemagraphs is successful, but the ones that are have an understated quality and quietness about them. It feels like I’m witnessing a fleeting moment of beauty. There is a sense of “being in the moment” to them.

I wonder though, why did it take so long for someone to transform a novelty into an artistic medium. Or perhaps it had been one all along and became something of a novelty. Either way, I think this project is unique and might become the next big trend. Check out their portfolio site for more.


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