I enjoy the color red, secret compartments, and re-purposing old items into something new and beautiful. Bears are my favorite animal and I read magazines back to front.

I’m Kiki, a perpetual student of life and universities. I have a background in Industrial Design and currently live in London where I’m studying for a masters in research methods. When I grow up I want to be a design researcher; here’s hoping that day comes soon-ish.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Kiki, just a note to thank you for the Urban Farming/Wall project, an excellent design chain. Been making moves to this for some time, probably years, but now have access to loads of Trespa offcuts and was interested if anyone had taken this project onwards and upwards for collaboration ?

    • Kiki Brown says:

      Hey David, I know I’m way over due to reply; I forgot about this account. No one continued on with this project unfortunately. If you’re still interested in talking about it or collaborating I’d love to chat. If you’re done, I’d be interested in hearing how it all turned out for you.


      • Hello Kiki

        Thank you for your reply, just now starting a new direction, Trespa cabinets for hydroponic walls etc. But please can you send a link to your project please. I now have a new site, the new hydro stuff should be up in some months

  2. Kiki Brown says:

    David, I’m going to try and find what I can for you, it might take some time. A lot of my files have gotten lost over the years. Our farmphilly website was shut down and my mac died about a year ago. I still have the files on a hard-drive but it’s not compatible with my PC. It might take me a bit, but I will hopefully rustle up some stuff.

  3. Hello Kiki, the project is moving on somewhat, found a hydroponic partner and with my craft skills hope to make another business. If you have some more of the FarmPhilly or other info it would be much appreciated.

    • Kiki Brown says:

      Sorry, for such a late reply. I’ve talked with my partners and unfortunately no one held onto anything, everyone has lost all of our specs and designs.

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