How to oven form acrylic at home.

Or atleast how I oven formed acrylic. A few weeks ago I sent out a file (acrylic flatware) to Ponoko to be laser cut. I call them Sarsaparilla, named fora quote by the cowboy in the Big Liebowski who lends his face to the flatware.

Sarsaparilla Close-Up

This is a little how to on oven forming acrylic from my experience (it’s very easy).

What you need:
Baking Sheet
Aluminum Foil
Felt – for handling the acrylic and to prevent scratches
Tools for forming

Tools for forming may include:
a Mold – any object/shape you can press the acrylic into to give it shape
mallet and/or a peen for shaping

Caution, I’ve only tried this in an Electric Oven. I can’t recommend for gas ovens.

I’m forming the flatware and using 2 forks and 2 spoons I already have to shape my acrylic fork and spoon.

Step 1, Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

Step 2, Make sure you unwrap the acrylic from the protective film.

Step 3, When oven is at 300, place the plastic on a piece of aluminum foil on the baking sheet. Set timer.

Time varies depending on thickness of the plastic. I heard 15 minutes for each 1/4″ thickness was the rule of thumb. My particular acrylic is 3mm (.12″ or 3/25″), I put it in for 5 minutes – worked great for my thickness.

Step 4, Remove from oven. The acrylic should be fairly malleable and will begin to cool rapidly.

Don’t touch without the felt. If you’re working larger, you will probably want leather safety gloves. The acrylic at this stage will take on any shape, including your finger prints.

The acrylic might stick to the foil. Gently rub it with any smooth object and it will pop right off.

Step 5, Immediately begin to form. Place plastic on felt and begin to push into the mold/form.

Press acrylic into place for about a minute, until the plastic is no longer moving. You’re done.

Sarsaparilla context

I made a video of the how to. I hope it helps. Or instructables.

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